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Get Ready to Vote!

Pledge to Vote

Are you under 18 and excited about the opportunity to vote in the future? Take the pledge to vote when you come of age. By making this pledge, you're committing to being an active participant in our democracy. To take the pledge, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Understand Your Power

Youth and the 2024 Election: Likely to Vote and Ready to Drive Action on Key Political Issues. According to CIRCLE's early poll of youth (ages 18-34), 57% of young people say they're "extremely likely" to vote in 2024. Your voice matters, and your participation can drive action on key political issues.


Know Your Rights

Knowledge is power. Understand the voting regulations and requirements in Tennessee, how to request your ballot, and how to find your polling place. When We All Vote provides resources to help you get the facts about your voting rights and fight against voter suppression.


Take Action

Even if you're not eligible to vote yet, you can still take action to protect our democracy. Volunteer to register voters in your community, join programs like My School Votes, and get involved in events and trainings to make a difference.


Tennessee High School Democrats

Join the Tennessee High School Democrats (TNHSD) to connect with other politically active high school students across Tennessee. TNHSD provides a platform for youth involvement in politics, enabling and empowering students to engage in local politics, volunteer in their communities, and advocate for causes they believe in. Click here to learn more about the High School Democrats.


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