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Support First Responders

Our first responders face countless challenges daily - from fighting fires and responding to medical emergencies to keeping our streets safe. Yet, they often work long hours with limited resources and face undue stress. We owe it to them to ensure they have the tools, training, and support they need.

I want to see a future where our first responders can do their jobs effectively and return home safely to their families each day. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

My Plan:

  1. Funding and Resources: I will work tirelessly to find and secure the funding and resources necessary to equip our first responders with the latest tools, technology, and protective gear. Their safety is non-negotiable.

  2. Mental Health Support: The emotional toll of their work can't be underestimated. I'll prioritize mental health resources and counseling services for first responders, breaking the stigma that sometimes keeps them from seeking help.

  3. Training and Preparedness: I'll work to find resources to invest in training programs that ensure our first responders are well-prepared for any situation. Their expertise saves lives, and we'll support their continuous development.

  4. Fair Compensation: Our first responders put their lives on the line for us. I'll advocate for fair compensation packages that reflect the risks they face and the vital service they provide.

  5. Community Engagement: I'll encourage community engagement and partnerships between first responders and residents, fostering trust and collaboration.

I bring 18 years of experience in Fire and Emergency Medical Services as a critical care paramedic and firefighter. I understand the unique challenges our first responders face and will tirelessly advocate for policies that prioritize their well-being and effectiveness.

In today's society, we constantly hear the media outlets and citizens saying "defund the police". Instead of defunding the police, let's work to transform the police. We can find the resources to train them in de-escalation and mediation skills. We must hold those accountable that abuse their authority and privileges as first responders. They will stop being adversaries to the public and they can focus their attention on serious crimes, not harassing ordinary people.

Together, we will support our first responders, ensuring they have the resources, respect, and recognition they deserve. It's time for change, and I'm committed to making it happen.

Paid for By the Committee to Elect Derek Hawn, Jessica Dumas, Treasurer.
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