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Our state has faced its share of economic challenges. From job losses to small business closures. Too many of our friends and neighbors have struggled to make ends meet. It's time to chart a new course and create opportunities for everyone.

I envision a future where every resident has the chance to succeed and prosper. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

My Plan:

  1. Job Creation: We will work tirelessly to bring good-paying jobs to our state and support local businesses. By investing in infrastructure, clean energy, and technology, we'll create new employment opportunities that benefit all.

  2. Small Business Support: Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. I'll work to find the resources and incentives they need to grow and thrive.

  3. Workforce Development: A strong economy begins with a skilled workforce. I'll work to find resources that invest in education and job training programs, making sure our residents have the skills needed for the jobs of the future.

  4. Fair Wages: No one working full-time should live in poverty. I'll fight for fair wages and workers' rights, so that every hardworking individual can support their family and achieve their dreams.

Tennessee does have some of the lowest unemployment rates and some of the lowest tax rates in the country. We are continuously growing and providing more jobs than most other states. With that being said, I understand the complexities of our economy, and I'm committed to advocating for policies that promote growth and prosperity for all. 

I will always fight for taxpayers and support legislation to keep taxes lower. I will fight for our local business owners so we can continue to grow in our state, keep jobs in our state, create jobs in our state, and continue to support our future and the future generations to come. 

Together, we will build a stronger economy—an economy that works for every resident, not just a select few. It's time for change, and I'm committed to making it happen.

Paid for By the Committee to Elect Derek Hawn, Jessica Dumas, Treasurer.
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