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Our education system faces significant challenges. Many schools are underfunded, teachers are overworked, and students are left behind. It's time to put education first and invest in the next generation.

We have seen improvements in reading, science, and math; but, we can and must do more. We must continue increasing literacy rates by investing in and retaining the best teachers in these areas. By increasing literacy rates, we are insuring the children's success in math, science, and all other areas.

I want a future where every child in Tennessee receives a world-class education that prepares them for success. 

The Plan:

  1. Increased Funding: We will work tirelessly to secure additional funding for our schools, ensuring that they have the resources necessary for smaller class sizes, up-to-date materials, and well-paid teachers.

  2. Teacher Support: Our teachers are our heroes. We'll invest in professional development, competitive salaries, and support systems to attract and retain the best educators.

  3. Parental Engagement: We'll encourage parental involvement in education by organizing workshops and information sessions for parents to support their children's learning.
  4. Modern Curriculum: We'll update and modernize our curriculum to ensure that our students are prepared for the jobs of the future, including digital literacy and critical thinking skills.

  5. Early Childhood Education: Quality education begins early. We'll find the resources to expand access to high-quality pre-K programs, setting our youngest learners on a path to success.

  6. Equity and Inclusion: We'll promote equity and inclusion in education, addressing disparities and ensuring that all students have the same opportunities to succeed.

I understand the importance of education as a driver of individual success and community growth. I'll advocate tirelessly for policies that prioritize our children's future. Together, we will invest in our future, ensuring that every child in Tennessee has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Strengthening and solidifying the foundation of our students in their academic lives will make education stronger for our current and future generations.


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